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Pharospath is committed on providing professional high-quality 24-hour multilingual customer success outsourcing for crossover e-commerce and SaaS (software as a service). Pharospath was derived from two words: Pharos and path. The word Pharos came from one of the 8 wonders of the world Lighthouse of Alexandria or sometimes called The Pharos of Alexandria which helps all cross-border business navigate them to a success. We help our clients all over the globe by providing 24/7 multilingual chat agents which helps them on their daily tasks thru our 3S system: Service, Solution and Success.
Here at Pharospath, we offer agents that can act as a point of contact for customers that can answer chats in a timely manner and the connection quality. We dedicate to meet our clients and their customers needs with Trust&Loyalty.
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We help you plan and execute your ideas

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To Build Customer Trust & Loyalty.

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Empower Business with a Spotlight on Revenue Growth and Cost-cutting.

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One World

Our business is based on providing professional and kind approach that we establish with our customers. Great kindness relies not only on understanding each other and showing empathy, but also on displaying tolerance and accepting differences. This is why we value diversity so much at Pharospath. Understanding, respecting and encouraging the diversity among our employees means that we allow each individual to be himself/herself with their own cultural, religious, political and other personal beliefs. Respect of diversity is part of our values and is present in all dealings with the company.

With Pharospath, we ensure that we will provide the best person for the job that values diversity in all its forms, including but not limited to: gender, age, nationality, race, sexual orientation, disability or religious beliefs. We are proud of these systems and we see it as a genuine source of strength for building wonderful and top performing teams.

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