Knowledge Based SOP

Customer Success

This will help your business to help its customers to be most successful both with its products and business operations by means of proactive, data-led approach which will lead to increase sales renewal and revenue, inspiring customer loyalty, retention of customers and boosting your lifetime customer vale and annual Recurring Revenue (ARR).

What we promise is that this program will increase not just your sales but also to maximize the users that will stick on your products and services. This is a crucial part for your monthly revenue specialized for subscription based services.

Customer Success Agents

We will focus on providing you agents that has a completely different approach with a customer service. Our agents are expected to focus on your business expansion rate, churn, customer health or retention and average MMR.


Working Settings

Working Hours:

Above 40 hours per week per person

Support Types

Live Chat, Email, SMS, social media

KPI Measured

Handling time, Ticket closing Rate, Customer Satisfaction, NPS


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