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DSM is the most widely recommended dropshipping app, with 4.9 ratings on the shopify app store, that provides highly professional support and outstanding services around the globe. Dropshipman founded the company in 2020; they source any product type suitable for your store from reputable suppliers at a low cost.

Since then, we have experienced a variety of growth prospects, everything from poor initial promoter rates to a moderate volume of tickets and some performance issues with the apps. It is indeed a great challenge to compete in the market among established dropshipping programs while aiming to receive excellent feedback

What Do We Do?

  • We, from the customer support team, ensure that each user experiences with the utmost respect, integrity, and prompt assistance.
  • We work not just as an agent but as a friend who understands the needs of the merchants and someone they can rely on 24/7.
  • We also provide all the required details and offer a solution that could serve as a precedent for future inquiries as we assist beyond what is being measured and expected.

Best Practices

1.Communicate Excellently:

It is impossible to solve any problem without better communication. We always begin with warm greetings and, if necessary, probes. It allows us to understand the merchant’s concerns and assist them better. We also broaden our understanding and patience when approached by agitated users, as we are professionals willing to help them positively in any way.

2. Proactive And Informative:

One of our best qualities as a customer support team is that we continue to help our merchants proactively. We ensure to walk them through the entire process, offer a prompt resolution, and enthusiastically provide details about products, features, or services that may benefit them in the long run.

3. Secure Best Impression:

We value every interaction because we believe that first impressions are often the only impressions that matter. It is critical to make every encounter a success. We make an effort to be friendly in all messages, say thank you, show respect, listen to them, and be responsive and sincere. These are the pillars of every excellent customer service transaction we portray in dsm.

4. A+ Developers:

Without our developers, the app and its performance would struggle to excel. Updated features and resolved app issues can be a fantastic way for our merchants to have a smooth transaction with us, their stores, and our company. Our developers’ contributions are extremely crucial to the app’s ability to do business and maximize our potential.

How Are We Now?

DSM received hundreds of promoters, almost a thousand, and an overflowing number of tickets that reflect how customer support denotes efficiency and excellence toward the needs of all users and the rest of the team. With the rapid growth of the app’s performance and continued exceptional service, the dsm app ranked first in all dropshipping applications and fifth in all application programs on shopify store in september. Dsm continues to excel in the field, as the customer service team becomes the face of the company with integrity.



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