Improving Ecommerce Sales Profits Through Targeted Remarketing

Most stores put their marketing budgets toward attracting new customers at the top of the sales funnel but ignore the customers who have already entered the store. This article explains how to stop the sales leak in your business and how to concentrate on the customers you’ve already won over to increase your revenue from them.

Email and Website Banners

An email is a great tool for keeping customers interested and informed about new sales and promotions on your site, but many businesses miss the mark by not providing enough encouragement once the customer has clicked through to your site. Even if your deals are irresistible, we’ve seen retailers whose websites received many clicks but few purchases for reasons like expensive shipping or a limited selection of sizes. Put a one-time offer for free shipping or a discount and alert customers when their size becomes available in the form of a pop-up window on the website.

Responding to Comments on Ad Posts and Following Up via Messenger

Customer questions and comments on Facebook product ads are par for the course. You or a member of your team could respond to these concerns in the comments section, much like the way customer support teams at major websites like Lululemon respond to reviews. The same idea applies to interactions with customers outside of your store. If the commenters like the business’s Facebook page or help reshare the post they commented on, you can send them personalized offers through Messenger.

Texting People Who Click on Your Facebook Ads

It’s likely that many of you are running ads on Facebook promoting price cuts to entice people to visit your online shop. Brand and product recognition will undoubtedly increase as a result, but sales won’t increase dramatically. We recommend retargeting customers who have interacted with your ad by sending them an SMS text message or a personalized message featuring the product they interacted with.

Cart Retargeting: Plan No. 4

Potential customers can be retargeted via email or SMS text message shortly after they abandon a shopping cart on your store’s website.
You can use a drip email campaign to inform customers about the items they’ve added to their cart, offer limited-time discounts, and feature the most raved-about reviews for the products they’ve browsed.

If you want to encourage people to return to your site and make a purchase, you can send them a short text message reminding them about the items they left in their shopping cart, or you can send them something of value. This may involve inquiring as to whether or not the customer needs assistance locating a product.
It has been our experience that customers who have abandoned their carts after narrowing in on a particular product can be won back through the use of targeted marketing messages. It is essential to have a follow-up structure in place to inquire as to why customers are abandoning their carts.




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