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Meet Parcel Panel

ParcelPanel syncs your order data from the Orders section of your Shopify admin via the Shopify API. It gives you and your customers peace of mind about their orders by tracking shipments, providing estimated delivery dates, and providing frequent updates on the status of orders

What Makes Online Order Tracking Critical To The Success Of An Online Store?

Table of Contents

Aims And Goal

Each business has one primary goal: establishing a reliable relationship with its customers based on mutual trust and a satisfying experience. Part of that experience is the importance of the order management system ‘ s dependability and foreseeability which contributes to the service ‘ s overall quality. Graphic designer photographer tracking online orders has become increasingly important for businesses as they strive to provide a superior customer experience, particularly in the competitive environment of e-commerce. This is one of the most important factors because it lets the business give its customers accurate shipping information. An essential part of keeping customers ‘ loyalty is reassuring them that they can trust and depend on the store by giving them up-to-date tracking information and shipping details. It’ s an effective strategy for enhancing the buying experience for customers.

How Pharospath Helped Them To Work With Thier Customers

Parcelpanel syncs their order data from the orders section of their shopify admin via the shopify api. it gives their and customers peace of mind about their orders by tracking shipments, providing estimated delivery dates, and providing frequent updates on the status of orders because parcel panel lacks the knowledge of handling their customer that’s why we helped and take action on striving and creating one.

Success Of Our Customers MEANS SUCCESS FOR US

At parcel panel, providing excellent service to customers is not only one of our top priorities but also deeply ingrained in our company ‘ s culture. Our passion is to provide the best service in our industry while also assisting other businesses in growing. We are committed to exceeding our clients ‘ expectations on a daily basis and to continuously improving all aspects of our customer service. Our outstanding customer service is the foundation of our application and will always be one of our most important competitive advantages. Simply put, the success of our clients is our success!

What Are We Trying To Accomplish?

  1. We are partners
  2. Solutions not reasons
  3. We understand better
  4. Oversee what is lacking
  5. Our communication skills
  6. Remarkable developers

Customer Should Know:

The customer should be able to see a clear system that can inform them of the status of their order at any time. If an order is going to be delayed, the customer should be notified as soon as possible. If an item from the customer’s order is going to be delivered separately, the customer should be informed and how this will affect delivery estimates. The customer should always expect their order to arrive within the timeframe specified by the business owners.

For Business Owners:

Reduce the number of complaints from customers. Reduce the business’s costs. In the long run, dealing with customer complaints or inquiries can be costly. Order tracking systems should be automated. The fewer calls the customer service team receives, the more time they have to devote to other services.


It’ s clear that the parcel panel improved the customer experience and helped the business at the same time. In all likelihood, we were able to:

  • Assist our partners in meeting the delivery needs of their customers. 
  • Bring in more satisfied and loyal customers. 
  • Help the business save money by cutting down on support wait times.



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