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How Does Good Customer Service Affect The Business?

Selling a good product is an edge but having great customer service is a success. According to studies, 89% of customers reported that they would be willing to purchase again due to superb customer service and that those businesses with outstanding customer service have significantly dominated their competitors. Customer service bridges the business and the consumers. It creates value and ensures loyalty from customers regardless of business background. This is why businessmen hire good communicators and people-oriented support to be able to connect with their subjects and for better representations of their products. This is where pharospath comes into play.

Being A Top Review App In Shopify

I remember how we started with having less than a hundred users. On top of this, are highly competitive and established apps that had already earned their names. It took consistency, creativity, commitment, and effort to get the fame that now landed on’s reputation. Every single day an increase in the number of users continues drastically, and now the app has over 11 thousand active users. Aside from this, has been one of the most popular review apps in shopify being able to maintain its satisfactory ratings of 5.0. This stardom would have been impossible if it was not because the outstanding customer service provided by pharospath.

We Differ Because Customer Service Matters

It is undeniable that because of the unwilted efforts, commitments, and devotion to customer service has become famous on the shopify platform. We, as a part of the team, provide not only services within our platform but we see to it that we always have something to put on the table. We don’t merely reside in routines and workflows but we always go outside the box to be more useful to our users. Here are some reasons why we transcend our customers’ expectations.

Here Are Some Reasons Why We Transcend Our Customers’ Expectations

  1. We are partners
  2. Solutions not reasons
  3. We understand better
  4. Oversee what is lacking
  5. Our communication skills
  6. Remarkable developers

1. We Are Partners

The customer service of under the umbrella of pharospath does not see our users simply as someone who installed the app. We do not commit to just being the guide and the answer because we consider ourselves as business partners and we take our user’s business as our own. We put value in our work because we understand the efforts and struggles to be able to create a business from the start which is why our agents are groomed to always put themselves in the shoe of the store owners to take everything by heart. We care not because someone installed our app, but we care because we are business people.

2. Solutions Not Reasons

At, we don’t settle for our limitations. We rarely see “no” because we will always find ways to help. Despite how challenging the issues are, we never quit finding solutions even if it means we triple our efforts just to console our user’s concerns. Aside from having a heart for our users, we also have big ears that hear their suggestions and feedback which helps us grow and gain loyalty because nothing soothes a troubled mind aside from ears that actually listen.

3. We Understand Better

E-commerce is not an easy field, and we, as customer service agents, are fully aware of that. Sometimes users don’t understand the product and they came in enraged and frustrated, however, having a full understanding of the situation and adequate expertise with our product, we pacify their troubles and turn them into 5 stars satisfaction. Our agents are trained well in terms of how to handle such situations. We also do peer counseling, feedbacking, and coaching to instill our work ethics and make sure that each agent is capable of placating troubled users.

4. Oversee What Is Lacking

Since we are experts in our product, we understand it better than anyone else which is why users love our customer service. We don’t only help them with what they ask of us, but we tend to go more and beyond and see what has been overlooked by our users. We give advice, and suggestions, and point out ideas that bring improvements to their businesses. We offer extra services to make our users feel valued and appreciated.

5. Our Communication Skills

Communication creates bonds and bonds, loyalty. With our communicative competent customer service agent, we make our users comfortable and at ease when they reach out to us. We always lighten up their mood and reassure them that we are there to help. We may converse with them as friends but we see to it that we do it with discipline and professionalism. The most prominent feedback we always get is how we understand and quickly respond to our users’ concerns. We do this in line with our maxim that in business time is money, but aside from the immediate assistance we provide, we see to it that we build a connection with them by being good at communication and giving them the understanding and expertise, the team is equipped with.

6. Remarkable Developers

No matter how perfect the app might have been created, it needs to tag itself along with the trend and the ever-changing needs of consumers and the world. This is why, along with its superb customer service, outweighs its competitors even the established ones because none can ever fathom the enthusiasm and dedication of the developers to continuously improves the features and services of the app. They have also proven themselves to be present in times of need. Our developers immediately resolve issues, investigate certain problems, and continuously adapt changes based on our users’ suggestions to provide a better and more amazing service. stands out because it offers incredible features, superb customer service, and an it team that makes anything possible.



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